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On 11-14 September 2017, The MycoKey Horizon 2020 project has organised the "1st International MYCOKEY Conference: Advances on Mycotoxin Reduction in the Food and Feed Chain" in collaboration with MyToolBox, another H2020 project. The event, that took place in Ghent, Belgium, focused on the emerging issues related to mycotoxins menace in the world,  on food and feed chains.

In the frame of the Conference on September 15, a Round Table has been organised with title “Advanced detection methods for mycotoxins”. Dr. Annamaria Gerardino, scientific manager of PhasmaFOOD project, has been invited to participate to the Round Table. The discussion has been carried out according to the Nominal Group Technique (NGT). The NGT is a procedure based on small group discussion to reach consensus on the identification of key issues. The discussions procedure consisted of the following main steps.

1) Silent Idea Generation: the moderator presents a question and asks every participant to write his idea

2) Recording ideas: ideas generated by each member are recorded in order to be visible to the entire group. 

3) Discussing ideas: this provide members the opportunity to express their understanding of the issues – and help to clarify the ideas prior to vote it.

4) Voting ideas: individuals vote privately to prioritize the ideas.

The results of the Round Table have been summarized and reported in a paper that has been published on the open access journal, Toxins (Leslie J.F et al., Toxins 2018, 10, 109, DOI: 10.3390/toxins10030109).


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