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PhasmaFOOD prototype device

The PhasmaFOOD consortium proudly announces that the first integrated PhasmaFOOD prototype device is now fully assembled, functional and is ready to be used in the first phase of validation and calibration activities of the project.

The PhasmaFOOD sensing device integrates a sensing node, which includes an Ultraviolet-Visible (UV-VIS) spectrometer, a Near-Infrared (NIR) spectrometer, a camera, and Ultraviolet (UV), white and NIR illumination sources, in order to conduct the sensory measurements on the food samples and an electronic subsystem, which supports the operation of the sensing node by controlling the sensing measurements, collecting the sensory data, partially processing them and sending them to the end user’s mobile device. The mobile device communicates the sensory data and contextual information to the cloud platform for further analysis. The cloud platform returns to the end user (at their mobile application/screen) the final decision on their scanned food sample.

PhasmaFOOD food quality partners will now be able to use the PhasmaFOOD prototype in order to collect information and experimental data allowing the continuation of data analysis and the completion of experiments for all use cases. The PhasmaFOOD solution aims to provide end users a fast and safe decision on whether they should consume food samples or not, based on the level of mycotoxins, spoilage or adulteration they feature.


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