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PhasmaFOOD 2nd GA Meeting in Dresden, germany

The PhasmaFOOD 2nd GA Meeting was hosted by IPMS at its premises in Dresden, Germany on the 7th and 8th of June 2017. The first day started with a pre-meeting workshop where sensor prototypes and integration issues were discussed. The GA Meeting started with the Project administration topics presented by the Coordinator followed by presentations of WP1 results. Device and software design -topics were discussed during the WP2 Workshop that followed.

The second day project Use Cases were elaborated in the WP3 Workshop and software and embedded components we discussed during the WP4 and WP5 sessions. Dissemination and exploitation activities had their respective slot in the WP7 presentations. The final session of the second day was devoted to the organization and preparation of the Project informal review meeting that is planned for September 21 in Brussels (M9). During both days, all partners participated with at least one representative. Project Coordinator Mr. Georgios Koutalieris (INTRASOFT), chaired the meeting. The meeting followed the agenda that was pre-distributed to the consortium members, with minor modifications. The action list at the end of this document was compiled based on the presentations’ content and the discussions that followed.

PhasmaFOOD 2nd Plenary_1

PhasmaFOOD 2nd Plenary_2

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